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Voting Software
Author :   abhishek
Submitted Date :   2008-03-02
Project Level :   Beginner
Development tool:   JAVA
Data base :   MYSQL
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Voting Software

The project "Voting Software" aims at making the voting process easy in cooperative
Presently voting is performed using ballot paper and the counting is done manually,
hence it consumes a lot of time. There can be possibility of invalid votes. All these makes
election a tedious task.
In our proposed system voting and counting is done with the help of computer. It
saves time, avoid error in counting and there will be no invalid votes. It makes the election
process easy.

Proposed system includes features like

 Counting the total number of votes.
 Percentage of total votes.
 Number of votes for each candidate.
 Percentage of votes for each candidate.
 Checking for duplication.
 Finding the winning person.
 Finding the margin of votes.


All the co-operative societies conduct voting process to select right person for holding
reputed position. Our project aims at helping the voting process in co-operative societies.
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